Front & Rear Parking Distance Sensors

Front sensors
  • LED display lights up as the vehicle approaches object, with a beep at the final zone.
  • Unique flush sensor head design & colour coded to vehicle.
  • 5 zone front coverage.
Rear Sensors
  • Acoustic signal to warn driver.
  • 2 zone detection for corner two sensors.
  • 4 zone detection for middle two sensors.
  • Detection starts when reverse gear is engaged.
  • Discreet design: discreetly colour coded heads to match vehicle paintwork means the design of your car is not obstructed.
  • Great coverage and quality: these systems provide you with a greater awareness of your surroundings with its unique zone detectors.
  • Safe and secure: the benefit of unforeseeable accidents and comfortable driving is simply priceless.
Product Code: 50525028 (Rear), 50525085 (Front)
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